Illinois Lottery online sales an early “success”

Illinois Lottery online sales an early Illinois Lottery online sales an early

CHICAGO, IL – On Sunday 25th March at  7a.m. the Illinois Lottery began to sell lottery tickets online and within three minutes the first ticket had been bought. Sales were hardly rapid on the first day but throughout the day more than $15,000 worth of lottery tickets had been purchased on the website.

Illinois Lottery officials were reported to be pleased with the early sales figures and were confident that sales would continue to do well with Tuesday’s Mega Millions draw on the horizon. With an estimated jackpot of $356million, few would blame someone for purchasing a ticket.

“There are lots of people who buy most of their products over the Internet,” Illinois Lottery Superintendent Michael Jones said Sunday, justifying the state lottery’s move to provide Lotto and Mega Millions tickets online.

All people looking to play on Illinois Lottery’s online site have to register an account and provide a proof of age, otherwise they will be unable to buy lottery tickets. Anyone registered to the site that wins a prize of over $600 will have to file a claim form to get their prize money. The Illinois Lottery are confident that they can avoid underage players winning large sums of money by playing lottery via their website.

source: and Business Week





Published: March 27, 2012

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