Three Mega Millions winners yet to be revealed

Three Mega Millions winners yet to be revealedThree Mega Millions winners yet to be revealed

CHICAGO, IL – It was announced over the weekend that three lucky Mega Millions players defied the odds to win a share of a whopping $656 million jackpot from the draw made on Friday 30th March. The winners were revealed to be from Illinois, Kansas and Maryland respectively but their identities were not available as no-one had yet come forward to claim their portion of the jackpot.

Winners are expected to decide whether they will take the money in installments or a one-time lump sum. Pre-tax, Mega Millions officials believe each jackpot winning ticket is worth around $213 million.

The winning numbers drawn on Friday were 2, 4, 23, 38 and 46. The all important Mega Ball was number 23.

The winners from Maryland and Kansas may never be revealed as those states allow all lottery winners to remain anonymous if they would prefer; Illinois on the other hand identifies all winners.

Over the weeks and months that this huge jackpot accumulated it is rather staggering that Americans all over the country spent nearly $1.5 billion on Mega Millions tickets. Such was the lottery fever surrounding the jackpot as it built, sales surged as the twice weekly draws neared.

The stores where the winning tickets were sold will also profit from the outcome as Kansas store will receive a $100,000 bonus, while the store in Illinois gets half a million dollars.

source: ABC News

Published: April 3, 2012

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