Washington Lotto winner shares prize with sister

Washington Lotto winner shares prize with sisterWashington Lotto winner shares prize with sister

SEATTLE, WA – Beverley Bowman from Federal Way has won $2.9million from the Washington Lottery and has decided to split the winnings with her younger sister, Tammy Taylor, also from Federal Way.

Mrs. Bowman claims that she always knew she would win big one day and had always planned that she would split the money with her sister.

A press release from the Washington Lottery explains how Mrs. Bowman went to visit her sister on the Sunday before the draw and left her bewildered by immediately asking for a dollar. Little did Taylor know that the dollar bill her son gave to Bowman was in fact used to purchase half the jackpot winning lottery ticket.

Beverly bought the $2 Lotto ticket at a local gas station in Auburn. When she stopped by her local convenience store to scan and check her ticket she couldn’t beleive it when the machine showed she was the $2,900,000 Lotto winner.

She asked a nearby clerk to print out the latest Lotto numbers for her. The winning numbers were 1-14-16-23-36-38 and they definitely matched her ticket!

The store clerk also checked the ticket and confirmed Beverley Bowman’s wildest dreams! Sensibly the shop worker told Mrs. Bowman to sign the back of her ticket immediately. She kept the ticket safe in her purse and headed to her sister’s house where she went straight away to tell her the amazing news.

According to the Washington Lottery release, the women plan to use their money to pay off bills and go on a cruise together with their families.

Published: April 14, 2010

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