Hoosier Lottery pays out $5 million scratch card prize

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Hoosier Lottery yesterday made history after paying out a $5 million scratch card prize, the largest payout it has ever made for an instant game win, to a couple from Hoagland, Indiana.

Joyce and Tony Augustyniak bought their jackpot winning “$100 Million Cash Extravaganza” scratch card a week before they eventually decided to scratch the ticket and reveal their monster win.

The couple decided that they would be happy to receive their prize money in 30 annual instalments which total just over $133,000 after state and federal taxes are taken from the prize, meaning that over the thirty years they will get just under $4 million in their bank account.

The Augustyniaks have been married for 40 years and are delighted that all their hard work has paid off through the lottery and that their children and grandchildren will be taken care of.

According to Hoosier Lottery officials, the couple plan to buy a new home and a dishwasher but have no other ideas of what to do with their new found wealth.

Published: October 7, 2010

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