€12 million rollover jackpot in Irish Lotto tonight

DUBLIN – Tonight’s Irish Lotto draw has a massive jackpot of 12 million euros after rolling over for the thirteenth time. Any winner will become the 400th millionaire created by the Irish Lotto.

Lottery predictions have shown that huge demand for tickets is likely with an estimated 85,000 lotto tickets purchased per hour as the draw gets closer. All players have a 1 in 8 million chance of matching the numbers drawn.

In the last draw made on Saturday there were three players who matched five numbers and the bonus ball, winning €25,000 but coming agonisingly close to a jackpot win of many times more that. In fact, if someone wins the jackpot tonight they could earn €30,000 per month in interest without ever having to touch their original jackpot prize amount.

The €12 million jackpot, although an impressive figure, is not the biggest jackpot of the year. In April 2010, a couple from County Waterford scooped a total prize of €16.7 million.

Since the National Lottery was launched 22 years ago, more than €4 billion in prize money has been given out while €3.4 billion has been raised by the Lotto to fund beneficiary projects around the country.

source: Irish Times

Published: October 13, 2010

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