Lewes man celebrates after winning £135k on Lotto

LEWES, SUSSEX – Jimmy Dean, 24, a semi-professional golfer from Sussex has won nearly £135,000 from a lucky dip lottery ticket that he bought online.

He was so busy chasing a wild rabbit from the shop where he works that he forgot all about an email telling him he was a lottery winner.

Mr Dean, who works at Lewes Golf Club Pro Shop, survived a nine-hour operation to remove a brain tumour when he was 18 and said he would definitely not be taking the win for granted.

He said, “I checked my emails and I had one from the lottery saying congratulations but I thought I had just won £10. I could not believe it at first and I had to phone so they could actually say the sum to me.”

“I jumped about a bit in excitement but there was no one in the pro-shop for about an hour so I had no one to tell, and it was raining outside so I couldn’t really run about and say I had just won.” he added

He told press that so far his only purchase has been a nice cake for his mother when he attempted to go on an extravagant shopping spree in Brighton on Sunday.

After having to cancel a holiday because of his operation when he was 18, Jimmy said that he would consider going on holiday this summer for a proper celebration.

Mr Dean, from Uckfield, played rugby at county level for Sussex before doctors discovered the brain tumour.Fortunately, the tumour was benign and after undergoing an operation to remove it he made a full recovery.

Doctors told him that he could no longer play any contact sports after his operation so Mr Dean took up golf five years ago and has made a career out of it.

source: The Argus

Published: June 9, 2011

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