Scottish teenager cleans room; finds £52k lotto ticket

PENICUIK, UK – Ryan Kitching, 19, from Penicuik is thanking his lucky stars that he has a Mum that nags him to clean his room after he discovered a £52,891 winning lottery ticket from a draw made on February 8th in amongst the debris and clutter in his bedroom.

Instead of binning the ticket straight away the teenager checked the numbers and discovered that one of his lines matches five numbers and the bonus ball.

Mr Kitching, who works at the fish counter of a local supermarket said he would use some of the money to send his parents on holiday. He also added that he wanted to thank his mother for putting up with him and his dirty bedroom.

He hasn’t decided his plans for the money but was thinking of having a lads holiday in Magaluf this summer. His Dad has been nagging him on ways to invest the money, mainly in a property that he could then rent out. The lucky winner was reluctant to invest in property as he “still gets his tea cooked” at home.

Ryan also revealed that he had just been dumped by his girlfriend and was relieved that he would be able to treat himself for a change without having to worry about her. He also works at First Response, a charity that provides training to people to provide emergency medical aid, and will donate some of his winnings to the charity.

source: Daily Mail

Published: March 7, 2012

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