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17 Apr 2012 - New Zealand’s “lucky” lotto store sells another winning ticket

PALMERSTON NORTH, NZ - Palmerston North supermarket Pioneer New World is gaining something of a reputation when it comes to selling winning lottery tickets after a First Division prize of $5...

28 Mar 2012 - Mega Millions jackpot up to estimated $476m after no Tuesday night winners


07 Mar 2012 - Scottish teenager cleans room; finds £52k lotto ticket

PENICUIK, UK - Ryan Kitching, 19, from Penicuik is thanking his lucky stars that he has a Mum that nags him to clean his room after he discovered a £52,891 winning lottery ticket from a dra...

06 Mar 2012 - Limerick mother of 10 wins €875k EuroMillions prize

LIMERICK, IRELAND - A mother of ten in her won an EuroMillions prize of €875,321 having purchased a ticket on the day of the draw at a local convenience store....

21 Feb 2012 - Illinois Lottery tickets soon to be available online

CHICAGO, IL - The Illinois Lottery has made great progress in its online lottery project and soon residents of the state will be able to purchase lottery tickets without leaving their comput...

08 Feb 2012 - UK ticket holder wins £45m Euro Millions jackpot

LONDON, UK - National Lottery operator Camelot has revealed that the winner of the most recent EuroMillions jackpot of around £45m (€53.8m) is from the United Kingdom. The draw was made o...

01 Feb 2012 - Yeovil woman scoops £100k scratch card prize

YEOVIL, UK - Danielle Salway, 20, has plenty of plans including flat hunting and driving lessons after she scooped the top prize on the National Lottery £100,000 Turquoise Scratchcard....

01 Feb 2012 - North Carolina Education Lottery introduces NASCAR scratch card

RALEIGH, N.C. - A new NASCAR-approved Ultimate Fan scratch-off ticke announced on Tuesday by the North Carolina Education Lottery is set to offer an opportunity to win racing-related travel ...

26 Jan 2012 - Atlantic Lottery set to remove billboards after animal cruelty complaints

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA - The Atlantic Lottery Corp. says it will take down a sign featuring a cow stuck on a metal fence over complaints that it depicts animal cruelty....

26 Jan 2012 - Georgia Lottery education proceeds increase

ATLANTA, GA - Georgia Lottery officials announced this week an increase in profits for the latest fiscal quarters, spanning from July 1st 2011 to December 31st 2011. Officials said that the ...

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