Arizona Lottery breaks sales record in 2010 fiscal year

Arizona Lottery breaks sales record in 2010 fiscal yearArizona Lottery breaks sales record in 2010 fiscal year

PHOENIX, AZ. – In a news release, the Arizona Lottery has announced that it achieved record sales figures in the fiscal year ending June 30th 2010 after revenue totalled $551 million. The latest figures show an increase of 13.8 per cent over the previous fiscal year; the highest annual increase in lottery revenue in the United States.

From this record sales year, the state of Arizona has received $142 million in profits to use for a variety of good causes in the state. The money goes towards funding health care, education, homeless and wildlife programs all over Arizona.

Jeff Hatch-Miller, Executive Director of the Lottery said, ““We are proud to report these record-breaking sales figures, particularly at a time in our state’s history when every dollar counts. Raising almost $142 million in revenue for the state bodes well for our future performance. The Arizona Lottery is committed to its mission of generating revenues that directly impact and improve the quality of life for all our citizens.”

In the news release it was added, by Don Cardon of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce,  that the Arizona Lottery’s funding has been critical to help many people in the current economic climate by helping small businesses to secure loans, funding research and development institutes and promoting economic stability in rural areas of the state.

The lottery’s funding was also praised by Mark Holleran of Central Arizona Shelter Services as it has helped the service to continue to provide the homeless with “emergency and transitional shelter and supportive services.”

The most popular games in the  Arizona Lottery’s product mix remain instant scratch cards and it was indicated in the news release that the “$100 Million Cash Spectacular” ticket continued to be incredibly popular and was the source of much revenue to the lottery.

Director Hatch-Miller said that the lottery is working towards maintaining the excellent performance seen over the past fiscal year and will be developing many new and exciting products to keep lottery players playing.

Published: September 1, 2010

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