Illinois Lottery seeks full privatisation; contract up for grabs

Illinois Lottery seeks full privatisation; contract up for grabsIllinois Lottery seeks full privatisation; contract up for grabs

CHICAGO, IL. – As the Illinois Lottery seeks to become the first state lottery in the United States to become fully privatised; two companies were announced as the finalists in the running for the lucrative contract. State officials say the two companies will present their proposals to the public next week.

The companies in question, both looking to win the first of its kind 10 year long contract, are Northstar Lottery Group – a partnership between two of the biggest lottery companies in the world, Gtech and Scientific Games- and Camelot Illinois -a subsidiary of Camelot, which was recently taken over by a Canadian pension fund and run the U.K. National Lottery.

Illinois would be the first state to entirely privatize the management and marketing of its lottery as a way to help boost revenue and attract new gamers. The state would still retain ownership and regulatory oversight.

The Illinois Lottery is one of the biggest in the United States with annual sales figures of $2 billion. Profits from the lottery go towards funding education and capital project state-wide.

Of the two companies competing for the contract, both of the partners in Northstar Lottery Group already have a presence in the Illinois Lottery. Scientific Games provide all the states scratch cards and Gtech run all of the lottery terminals on which people can check and validate their tickets.

Both Scientific Games and Gtech are experienced lottery providers for the majority of state run lotteries, while Camelot have no real experience of running state lotteries apart from a sole consulting contract they hold with the California Lottery. The Illinois contract is seen as a great opportunity to break through in the American lottery market.

Published: September 6, 2010

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