Irish Lotto punter turns €12 into €280k

Irish Lotto punter turns €12 into €280kIrish Lotto punter turns €12 into €280k

DUBLIN – A punter at a Paddy Power betting shop in Dublin managed to choose five of the six numbers drawn in the Irish Lotto main draw and turn a series of small bets into a pay day of over a quarter of a million Euro.

The lottery player placed his a Lottery “lucky numbers” bet in a shop in South Dublin and managed to choose the five final numbers drawn in the main draw on Saturday night.

The wager was made up of six €2 bets, which included three bets on all numbers drawn (including the bonus ball) and three bets on the six numbers chosen in the main part of the draw.

The first number drawn was seven (which the punter hadn’t chosen in any of his lines) and it seemed like it would be a normal lottery draw for the player. Then, a remarkable series of numbers turned it into a night to remember for the South Dublin man. The following numbers came out: 3, 12, 21, 26, 36, all of which were chosen by the player in one of his €2 lines to make him the biggest winner of the evening in the Irish Lotto as no-one won the jackpot.

Just matching the first three numbers won the player €1,754 while the addition of the fourth number added an extra €19,004 to his prize and the fifth and final ball he matched added a whopping €260,004 to the total prize.

Paddy Power said in a news release, “The odds of clicking five consecutive Lotto numbers are about 90 million to one – that’s how jammy this punter is, unbelievable! I can’t wait to meet them and try to get a rub of good luck for myself. It’s not the worst thing to wake up to on a Sunday morning!”

Published: September 13, 2010

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