North Carolina Lottery launch three new scratch card games

North Carolina Lottery launch three new scratch card gamesNorth Carolina Lottery launch three new scratch card games

RALEIGH, NC – As of yesterday, three new scratch card games were on sale at lottery vendors across North Carolina. The new games are The Price Is Right, Cash Lines and Triple Tripler.

The Price Is Right game costs $5 and features eight top prizes of $100,000 cash as well as giving players the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas to play the non-broadcast version of the game and possibly win $1million. In total, this game has $7.3 million in prizes available to players, which start as low as $5. Non-winning tickets can be sent to the lottery and entered in a second chance prize draw to win the trip to Vegas.

Cash Lines will cost $3 to play and gives North Carolina Lottery players multiple chances to win on the same card, with five chances to win. There are eight jackpot prizes of $30,000 and a total of $5.8 million in prize money able to be won.

Triple Tripler, the last and cheapest of the new games, costs $2 to play and offers eight top prizes of $27,000. According to the North Carolina Lottery if a player scratches to find a dollar symbol, they win the prize shown; if they find a money bag symbol, they win triple the prize shown; and if they find a coin symbol, they win nine times the prize shown.

source: Citizen Times

Published: October 6, 2010

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