£113m EuroMillions jackpot claimed by anonymous Brit

£113m EuroMillions jackpot claimed by anonymous Brit£113m EuroMillions jackpot claimed by anonymous Brit

LONDON – After nearly two weeks of speculation, false claims and rumours, the winner of the biggest lottery jackpot ever to be claimed in the United Kingdom has come forward to collect their £113 million prize. The winning player, who immediately becomes one of the richest people in the country, has decided to remain anonymous and stay out of the public eye for now.

It is unlikely that the person will manage to keep their identity under wraps forever, but the fact that they now have an extra nine figures in their bank account should come as comfort to them once they are found out.

A spokesperson for Camelot, the U.K National Lottery operator, said “The claim has been validated and the prize has been paid out. The ticket-holder is currently deciding whether or not to go public and share their news.”

Camelot also said that they would do all they could to help the winner remain anonymous if that is what they want. The lottery operators have a good record of this as the winners of an £84 million jackpot in May this year have never been named. “We have a winner adviser, who is experienced in dealing with these life-changing moments, helping them. There are immediate, basic things to sort out, such as tax and wills. But we are there to help them enjoy the winnings, whatever they want to do with it.” they said.

The total amount in euros of the prize is €129,818,431, which is bigger than the previous highest Euro Millions win of €126,231,764 won by a Spanish player in May 2009.

EuroMillions is a game played in nine countries across Europe: Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

Published: October 21, 2010

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