SuperEnalotto record jackpot sees Italians spend €540k per hour on tickets

SuperEnalotto record jackpot sees Italians spend €540k per hour on ticketsSuperEnalotto record jackpot sees Italians spend €540k per hour on tickets

ROME, ITALY – Lotto fever has reached new levels in Italy as millions of people look to get their hands on the €169 million jackpot. It has been estimated that Italians are spending at a rate of €540,000 per hour on tickets for the jackpot coming up this weekend.

The huge amount of money being spent and the monstrous size of the jackpot has seen some complaints, including from the Catholic Church and consumer groups who argue that there must be a cap put on the size of the prize.

The odds of hitting all six numbers drawn in SuperEnalotto are more than 600 million to one and this is well highlighted by the fact that no-one has won the jackpot since February and the total prize fund has rolled over since then. The game has a draw three times a week and it is surprising that it has taken so long to find a winner.

Lotto fever has truly taken a grip in a country that suffered heavily during the economic crisis and even the slightest chance to win a life changing amount of money has caught the imagination of people all over Italy. A rise in consumer spending on lottery tickets has even helped the Italian government as they take half the revenue from ticket sales.

Melito, a town near Naples has even taken €15 per week out of the mayor’s salary to try and win the jackpot for the whole town to boost its finances and reduce local taxes in the area.

The current jackpot exceeds the previous record SuperEnalotto win of €147 million, which was won by an anonymous player from Bagnone, Tuscany.

Published: October 21, 2010

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