Latest Lotto 6/49 winner plans to buy winter jacket!

Latest Lotto 6/49 winner plans to buy winter jacket!Latest Lotto 6/49 winner plans to buy winter jacket!

VANCOUVER, B.C – British Columbia’s latest lottery millionaire Jon Scholten was presented with a cheque for $3.2 million on Tuesday but being the relaxed character he is, didn’t get over excited or worked up about this life changing event for him.

Seventy-two year old Scholten won his Lotto 6/49 jackpot from the draw made on Christmas Day and he admitted that after finding out about his win on Boxing Day he kept it secret for a few days as he “wasn’t too excited about it”.

When he was asked what he would be doing Tuesday night after picking up his jackpot prize, Mr Scholten said, “I’m going to go home, play with my puppy, watch the news, go online and that’s all, folks.”

While the winning ticket holder wasn’t too excited about winning millions of dollars, his wife and children were screaming and jumping around when they found out.

Scholten remained adamant Tuesday his life wasn’t suddenly going to be about fast cars, big boats and flashy threads. He has everything he needs, he said.

Well, maybe not everything. “I’m going to buy a jacket for the winter,” he said. “It’s cold out there and my old one has a hole in it.”

source: The Province

Published: January 5, 2011

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