Minnesota woman wins Lottery a month after her death

Minnesota woman wins Lottery a month after her deathMinnesota woman wins Lottery a month after her death

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – A woman who died after a short battle with cancer left her husband of 45 years with a bittersweet surprise of a share of a $45,000 lottery prize which she would have won as a part of her lottery syndicate.

Paul McAuley said of his wife after she won a lottery prize from beyond the grave that, ” She’s one upping me, that’s for sure, she always did though.”

Last November, Ginny died of cancer after a very brief but hard fought battle. She was holding a secret when she passed away, though.

Along with her two best friends from work, she played the lottery every week.

Ginny kept sending her money for the tickets to her friend Bernie with the money and they kept playing. Bernie called me over Christmas and said are you sitting down? Well sit down because you just won a third of $45,000,” Paul said.

The only thing she would have wanted more, Paul said, would have been to spend her winnings a week from Sunday.

“If she was alive that’s what we’d be doing right now, we’d go to Dallas for the Super Bowl,” Paul said. They were both avid Green Bay Packers fans

source: MSNBC

Published: February 1, 2011

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