Bus driver back to work less than a year after £2m Lottery win

Bus driver back to work less than a year after £2m Lottery winBus driver back to work less than a year after £2m Lottery win

CHORLEY, LANCS – A former bus driver from Chorley has decided to return to his work driving the Stagecoach 125 service despite scooping £2.3 million on the lottery just under one year ago.

Kevin Halstead gave up work last March after matching 6 numbers in the Lotto draw to win a jackpot of £2.3 million. The 47-year-old is now preparing to get back behind wheel of his bus as he misses the banter with his work mates

The millionaire had worked as a bus driver on the route between Bolton and Preston for the last 17 years. The father of one decided that living a life of leisure wasn’t for him and was determined to get a bit of normality back in his life by driving buses again.

Since winning big on the lottery, the down to earth bus driver says he’s invested in a new set of wheels in the form of a Range Rover, however he has also kept is old Renault Laguna car as he’d only recently bought the motor using the government’s car scrappage scheme when he hit the lottery jackpot.

One of Mr Halstead’s first duties after getting back to driving the 125 Stagecoach service was to promote a new lottery scratch card. The lotto winner is said to be excited to get back behind the wheel of the bus he’s driven every day since 1994.

source: Coachbroker.co.uk

Published: February 15, 2011

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