Postman Pat back to work after scooping €7m Irish Lotto prize

Postman Pat back to work after scooping €7m Irish Lotto prizePostman Pat back to work after scooping €7m Irish Lotto prize

CORK, IRELAND – One of the winners of the bumper €14m Lotto jackpot is a popular Cork postman, say local residents who know him well. His name is Pat Broderick and he will get half the jackpot, sharing with another lucky winner.

A middle-aged father-of-four, Pat Broderick tried to keep a low profile as the local rumour mill went into overdrive as they tried to find out who the winner was.

Mr Broderick is married to Mary and has lived in Kinsale for most of his adult life. He works for An Post and is described by locals as one of the best-known individuals in the town because of his work

Incredibly, Pat kept such a cool head about his win that he even showed up for work on Monday.

People in the town where he lives and works expect that the first thing Pat will spend some of his winnings on is a holiday for his wife and children.

The winning ticket was one of two with the correct numbers for Saturday night’s €14m jackpot, the other was bought in Cavan.

The winning numbers were 15, 21, 23, 25, 44 and 45. The bonus number was 10.


Published: March 31, 2011

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