Pennsylvania Lottery $1m ticket set to expire

Pennsylvania Lottery $1m ticket set to expirePennsylvania Lottery $1m ticket set to expire

HARRISBURG, PA – A winning Pennsylvania Lottery Millionaire Raffle ticket purchased for the July 10th 2010 drawing has just over a week to claim their $1m prize.

The number of the winning ticket is 00081227 is one of four winner for the draw in question. With a one year limit on collecting Pennsylvania Lottery prizes is due to be reached.

If unclaimed the full prize amount will remain in the state Lottery Fund, which supports senior citizens throughout the state.

Because the drawing’s one-year anniversary falls on a Sunday, the ticket must be claimed in person by July 8 or be postmarked by July 9.

Elizabeth Brassell from the state’s Department of Revenue said the lottery pays out about $1.8 billion annually in prizes, but about 1 percent to 2 percent of the prize money never gets claimed.

Pennsylvania Lottery runs two Millionaire Raffles each year, one in January and one in July, Brassell said. The raffle offers players the best odds of winning a $1 million prize because only 500,000 tickets are sold.

“We encourage all of our Millionaire Raffle players to look through their tickets from last year one more time in hopes we can award this $1 million prize,” said Drew Svitko, interim executive director of the Lottery.

source: Pittsburgh Live

Published: June 30, 2011

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