Scotland’s Lottery winners celebrate £1bn milestone

Scotland's Lottery winners celebrate £1bn milestoneScotland's Lottery winners celebrate £1bn milestone

GLASGOW – The sun shone on Scotland’s biggest lottery winners yesterday, as they gathered for an exclusive al fresco party outside an upmarket Glasgow hotel.

The big winners gathered to help the National Lottery celebrate £1 billion paid out to lottery players in Scotland over the past 17 years.

As the millionaires posed for pictures, three winners each held up a giant number 2, to mark the 222 millionaire lottery winners created north of the Border since the National Lottery began in 1994.

Among the winners at the event were Kerry and Tony Robinson from Greenock who had a baby boy in March. Ms Robinson won just over £2.5 million in January 2007. She then met her future husband, who had to wait a year before he was told of Kerry’s lottery win.

Her win has opened doors and future plans include “more fun” and investing in their children’s future. The pair dabble in property and have a long-term plan.

Tommy and Margaret Webb, also from Greenock, won £1.7m in 2000 and they have really enjoyed spending the money and helping out their family. They both agree that being able to look after family is the “best and most important part of winning,” said the couple, who go to the bingo and still play the lottery each week. Life is “excellent” for the Webb’s as they go on lots of holidays, do charity work and spend timehelping look after their granddaughter Poppi.

Yesterday’s line-up also included Scotland’s most recent big winners, Alistair and Isobel Cameron from Wick. They won £500,000 on March 5; having played the lucky dip since the lottery started.

Mr Cameron, a train driver, said he has no plans to retire and the couple have yet to spend much of their winnings – although they have paid off their house and bought new cars.

source: Glasgow Herald

Published: July 12, 2011

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