Georgia church donated three winning lottery tickets

Georgia church donated three winning lottery ticketsGeorgia church donated three winning lottery tickets

ATLANTA, GA – An Atlanta church has received some welcome but highly unusual donations over the past week. Three winning lottery tickets were put in the collection plate over the course of two days.

Like so many other places of worship, Unity North Atlanta Church has faced its economic challenges. The offering plate has been a little lighter of late.

Unbelievable acts of generosity from parishoners soon followed and they came in an unexpected way. Inside an envelope a church member offered two Keno tickets, worth over $3,000. The same person came back the next day with a ticket worth close to $1,000.

According to church member Wendy Beck the donor said “Don’t get me wrong, I could use it. That’s not what this is about.”

He also requested that the church would keep his name anonymous.

Gambling isn’t exactly condoned by many Christian churches but in these times of hardship any generous donation is well received.

Rev. Richard Burdick of Unity North Atlanta Church says “we’re not supporting anybody to go out and gamble. You know, that’s a risk we don’t support in our ministry. However, a gift is a gift.”

Sources also suggest that the donor is not finished with his generosity as he wants to keep playing so he can help to pay off the church’s $2.7 million mortgage as much as possible.


source: NBC




Published: August 15, 2011

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