$200k Powerball prize bought in Missouri expires Monday

$200k Powerball prize bought in Missouri expires Monday$200k Powerball prize bought in Missouri expires Monday

ST LOUIS, MO – A winning $200,000 Powerball ticket from the March 9th draw is somewhere in Missouri and the clock is ticking until it expires and goes to the state’s lottery fund.

Winners have 180 days to claim their prizes, meaning this big prize will expire on Monday 5th September if the ticket holder doesn’t step forward.

The winning numbers from March 9 were 12, 20, 28, 40 and 48.

In a written statement, Missouri Lottery executive director said, “If you’re lucky enough to be holding this winning ticket we have $200,000 waiting for you, but we need to hear from you.”

Missouri Lottery offices will be closed Monday, but the prize can be claimed as long as someone takes it to a Missouri Lottery retailer before midnight Monday to have the ticket “cashed” or “inquired” through the terminal.

The Missouri Lottery also said that the cash will go into the public education fund if the prize isn’t claimed by midnight on Monday.


source: St Louis Today

Published: September 2, 2011

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