Nearly €90m in Irish Lottery prizes unclaimed over last five years

Nearly €90m in Irish Lottery prizes unclaimed over last five yearsNearly €90m in Irish Lottery prizes unclaimed over last five years

DUBLIN, IRELAND – According to recently published Irish National Lottery figures, around €90 million in lottery prizes and jackpots have gone unclaimed over the past five years, meaning thousands of people have missed out on some substantial wins. Last year alone nearly €17 million in prizes was left uncollected in the accounts of the National Lottery.

One of the biggest unclaimed prizes of 2011 was a €250,000 Lotto Plus 2 prize, sold in Gorey, Co Wexford, in April. The next biggest prized to go unclaimed were two unclaimed Lotto Match 5 + bonus prizes for €25,000 each.

Unclaimed prize money is used by the National Lottery to promote various games and draws. The most recent evidence of this is the €1 million “top-up” added to the recent May Bank Holiday draw, which was financed by unclaimed prize money.

The largest unclaimed prize on record was for a €3.4 million jackpot from June 30th, 2001. The winning ticket was sold in Coolock, Dublin 5. Despite a campaign to find the winner on 2FM’s Gerry Ryan Show, no-one ever came forward.

“The balance of unclaimed prizes will fluctuate depending on the various prize promotions being done and the timing of end of game announcements for scratch card games,” the spokeswoman said.

2008 saw the most prize money go unclaimed, when roughly €21 million in prizes or two and a half per cent of turnover was never claimed.

Lottery sales in Ireland have fallen sharply in the recession, with total revenue from sales of tickets and scratch cards dropping from €840 million in 2008 to €761 million last year. Whilst sales revenue has fallen recently, the percentage of unclaimed prize money has remained relatively constant at between two and two and a half per cent of turnover.

Under the rules, winners have a 90-day period in which to collect their prizes after the announced end of the game after which time they forfeit any right to the prize.

source: Irish Times

Published: May 14, 2012

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