New York women both win a million!

New York women both win a million!New York women both win a million!

SYRACUSE, NY – Two women from the state of New York have won scratch card jackpot prizes worth a million dollars. Despite their winnings, both have said that they plan on continuing to work.

The lucky winners are Susan Kot, 50, from Kirkville and Debra Noyes, 35, from Fulton.

Mrs. Kot has been a keen player of New York Lottery games for the past 24 years and has shown that persistence does pay off when playing the lottery! She won the jackpot prize on the Harley Davidson scratch off ticket, which is priced at $5 and also has a major prize of a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

At first her ticket didn’t scan, so she took it to the counter at the store where she bought it and she was told that she’d won the $1million jackpot! “I was crying and shaking, and I went home and gave it to my husband.” said Mrs. Kot.

Kot plans to keep working and save the money for the future but does want to take her family for a week in Las Vegas.

The other winner, Debra Noyes, won her $1million prize on the Silver 6’s scratch-off ticket. “I started shaking,” she said. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I showed the clerk and she started screaming.”

Noyes will use some of her money to pay for her daughters trip to Florida and will possibly take a trip herself.

Both winners will be paid in twenty annual instalments. They will receive their prizes as $50,000 a year through 2029. Their annual check will be $33,015 each after taxes.

Published: March 25, 2010

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