Scratch card jackpot for Dallas Cowboys

Scratch card jackpot for Dallas CowboysScratch card jackpot for Dallas Cowboys

DALLAS, TX – The Dallas Cowboys look set to make the maximum from their deal with the Texas Lottery Commission after it was revealed that the $5 Cowboys scratch off ticket has been incredibly popular among lottery players in Texas.

The Dallas Cowboys scratch card was introduced in August 2009 and 86 per cent of the tickets printed have been sold already. Under the deal that was agreed between the Texas Lottery Commission and the Dallas Cowboys, if 85 per cent or more of the tickets were sold the Cowboys would receive $4.2million.

In just 31 weeks of sales, $53.2million worth of $5 Dallas Cowboys instant games have been sold. “It’s the best selling game at the $5 price point we’ve had in the past two years,” said Bobby Heith, a Texas Lottery Commission spokesman. Of the value of the tickets sold already, the state coffers have been filled to the tune of $17million.

The Cowboys scratch card is one of nearly two dozen $5 scratch-off games in Texas. The tickets were introduced in August 2009 as the Cowboys moved to their new $1.15 billion stadium in Arlington.

The Texas Lottery Commission also released a Houston Texans scratch off ticket at around the same time but only printed a third of the number of Cowboys scratch cards printed. The Texans scratch card closed recently after 91 per cent of tickets were sold.

The Houston Texans game sold nearly $23.5 million worth of tickets with about $7.5 million going to the state. The team was eligible to receive up to $1.45 million as part of their deal with the Lottery Commission.

Lottery spokeperson Heith said the commission starts phasing out games when the major prizes have been awarded or sales start to fade. The Cowboys scratch card still has several large prizes to win, including 2010 season tickets and a draft weekend package.

Published: March 26, 2010

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