Sisters’ Powerball dispute finally ended

Sisters' Powerball dispute finally endedSisters' Powerball dispute finally ended

HARTFORD, Ct. – A judge has ruled that an 87 year-old woman from Connecticut has no obligation to share any of the $500,000 lottery prize she won with her 84 year old sister who ended up suing her over the money.

The winning ticket from 2005 ruined the sisters’ relationship after the younger, Theresa Sokaitis,  claimed that the winning sister, a Ms. Rose Bakaysa,  had reneged on an agreement they had to share any gambling winnings.

In a written statement concluding the case, Judge Cynthia Swienton wrote, “While the court may be able to resolve the legal dispute, it is powerless to repair the discord and strife that now overshadows the once harmonious sisterly relationship.”

The ruling finally ended the sisters’ legal battle, which began in 2005 after Rose Bakaysa split Powerball winnings with her brother. Their sister, Theresa Sokaitis ended up suing her sister after claiming that they had a written agreement to share all their gambling winnings. She demanded that her sister give her half the prize money.

Ms. Bakaysa claimed that, although they had previously had an agreement to share gambling winnings, the deal was ended in 2004 (a year before she won the Powerball prize) by mutual consent after a dispute over the repayment of a $250 loan.

This dispute effectively ruined the sisters’ relationship. They had previously made regular, planned trips to the casino together.

The attorney for Ms. Bakaysa said that his client hoped that the decision and time will finally “allow the bonds that have been broken by this case to heal.”

Published: May 14, 2010

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