Customer voids C$30m ticket!

Customer voids C$30m ticket!Customer voids C$30m ticket!

NEWFOUNDLAND, CN – A customer at a convenience store in Newfoundland has lost out on a C$30million Lotto Max jackpot after having a last minute change of heart and deciding not to purchase the ticket, which turned out to be the winner!

This kind of story is normally unheard of but it happened a few days before the Lotto Max draw on May 21st. A store worker had just sold a ticket to a customer and then immediately voided the Lotto Max ticket at the customers request.

Jennifer Dalton, from Atlantic Lottery Corporation said, “Had the player kept the ticket, I believe it would have been the largest jackpot ever won in the province. It’s a completely rare story for us.”

Ms. Dalton was unable to say why the customer had immediately rejected the ticket but she did say that some players won’t keep tickets if they don’t like the numbers randomly chosen by the lottery computer.

The current Lotto Max jackpot sits at C$50million with another five C$1million prizes able to be won.

Published: June 4, 2010

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