Luckiest lotto player claims her fourth jackpot!

Luckiest lotto player claims her fourth jackpot!Luckiest lotto player claims her fourth jackpot!

HOUSTON, TX. – A woman from Texas has collected her $10million scratch card jackpot prize from the Texas Lottery, it is her fourth million dollar plus lottery win in 17 years!

Joan Ginther, 63, known as “Jackpot Joan” now has total lottery winnings of over $20million after picking up her biggest win ever.

Ms. Ginther is a Las Vegas resident but comes from Texas and as there is no state lottery in Nevada she returns to her home state to play lottery games there.

The news of the “World’s Luckiest Lotto Player” has been all over TV and newspapers in many different countries.

Her latest win came from a Texas Lottery “Extreme Payout” scratch card, which costs $50 to play. The eight figure prize is her biggest win yet.

Her first win of $5.4million came in 1993 from the Texas Lottery, she took the money in annual installments. Just as the annual installments of the original win were about to run out her luck struck again and she won $2million from a scratch card in 2006 and $3million from another scratch card in 2008.

A spokesperson for the Texas Lottery Commission said, “We have had multiple winners before, but she’s obviously been born under a lucky star.”

Ms Ginther requested no publicity, the spokesperson added.

The New Zealand Herald published this helpful table to see all of Ms. Ginthers Lottery wins:

* 1993: US$5.4 million share of an US$11 million Texas Lottery jackpot. Joan Ginther’s take: US$270,000 a year for 19 years.

* 2006: With only six years of payments left, Ginther scored a US$2 million prize from a scratch-off ticket. Her take: US$1.5 million lump-sum payment.

* 2008: A US$3 million jackpot from a scratch card.

* 2010: Seven-figure payout not yet announced.

Published: July 7, 2010

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