Record breaking sales year for Illinois Lottery

Record breaking sales year for Illinois LotteryRecord breaking sales year for Illinois Lottery

CHICAGO, Il. – The Illinois Lottery has announced that in the fiscal year 2010 it  has achieved record sales figures for the eighth consecutive year with a 5.4% growth in sales over the 2009  figures.

Lottery officials confirmed that the surge in sales saw a 5.4% increase to $2.2billion. The sales for fiscal year 2010 run from July 1st 2009 to June 30th 2010.

Jodie Winnett, the Lottery’s acting superintendent told the press, “This year’s success was made possible by continuing to build upon a solid business model and laying a strong foundation to fuel future growth. The Lottery is thrilled to support Illinois through contributing to public education and capital building projects throughout the state.”

The addition of Powerball to the lottery’s portfolio of games has helped boost sales figures over the last few months. Scratch cards and instant games were the biggest contributors to sales with Blackhawks Cash and Crossword proving some of the most popular. Instant game sales generated over half of all sales revenue for the state with over $1.1billion worth of scratch cards sold in this fiscal year.

The lottery transferred $625 million to Illinois public schools and another $32 million for new capital projects.

It also raised more than $4 million through specialty games for veterans groups, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis and AIDS charities.

In a press release from the Illinois Lottery the following figures were published:

Illinois Lottery sales for fiscal year 2010

Total sales per game

Pick Three: $301,417,049

Pick Four: $191,038,518

Lotto: $111,158,528

Little Lotto: $119,634,946

Mega Millions: $221,809,484

Megaplier: $848,077

Pick N Play: $1,549,252

Raffle: $19,999,460

Powerball: $43,269,461

Power Play: $8,469,680

Instants: $1,190,109,917

Total Lottery Sales : $2,209,304,371

Published: July 14, 2010

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