Double roll over coming up for UK National Lottery

Double roll over coming up for UK National LotteryDouble roll over coming up for UK National Lottery

LONDON, U.K. – Tomorrow’s National Lottery draw is set to be a rollover after nobody in the U.K. managed to match all six numbers from Saturdays Lotto draw. This means that the jackpot will be worth an estimated £10million, up from £7million in the previous draw.

In total over 500,000 people received prizes on Saturday and just over £17million in prize money was paid out but the jackpot prize remained elusive for the second draw running. The new estimated jackpot of £10million is the highest since the Lotto draw made on May 12th.

The UK National Lottery has donated £24billion to good causes over the years and for every ticket, scratch card and online game sold this amount increases. Of course there is always a good chance of winning a prize with an estimated 50 per cent of all lottery revenue being returned as prizes.

Published: August 3, 2010

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