UK rollover winners want Orient Express trip

UK rollover winners want Orient Express tripUK rollover winners want Orient Express trip

LONDON, U.K. – The Manchester couple who won last Wednesday’s U.K. Lotto double rollover jackpot of just over £11million celebrated their win with a champagne reception at Old Trafford. Peter and Jacqueline Redikin have been married for 29 years and said that they want to go on the Orient Express with their winnings.

Mr. Redikin said that he thought he had “only won a tenner” but after checking the numbers a few more times he realised that he had in fact won the jackpot with the numbers that he has used since he started playing the lottery.

Peter told the Daily Telegraph, “We are going to treat the family and I want to upgrade my Seat Toledo. I’ve always wanted a brand new car and have never had the chance to get one. We are still both in shock.

The unemployed father of two found out that he and his wife were jackpot winners just after dropping her off for work. Describing how he felt after finding out he was a big winner, Redikin said, “I was shaking like a leaf but I managed to call Jacqueline. She couldn’t understand me because I couldn’t get my words out and she kept telling me to calm down. When I told her we’d won the jackpot she wouldn’t believe me and thought I must be wrong.”

According to the Daily Telegraph, Peter Redikin is a massive fan of Manchester United and was delighted to be able to have the cheque presentation made in the stadium of his heroes.

The numbers that the Redikins matched were 14, 17, 22, 24, 38 and 43.

Published: August 9, 2010

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