Lotto Max prize fund hits heights again

Lotto Max prize fund hits heights againLotto Max prize fund hits heights again

OTTOWA, ON. – Just a few weeks after a total prize pool of CA$100 million was available from the Canadian Lotto Max draws the prize fund is rising again to a total of CA$88million for the next draw made. The total prize pool includes a jackpot, capped by Lotto Max, of CA$50million.

The remaining CA$38million of prizes are won through secondary MaxMillions draws and are worth CA$1million per draw.

The next draw, to be made this Friday will see one main jackpot draw as well as thirty eight MaxMillions draws; giving players multiple opportunities to become an overnight millionaire. The unique format, including MaxMillions draws make Lotto Max one of the most popular lotteries in the world.

The jackpot last Friday, also of CA$50m, was not won and neither were 20 of the MaxMillion prizes, which explains how the prize pool has remained so large for this Friday’s draw.

The previous frenzied sale of Lotto Max tickets is expected to continue as long as the jackpot remains this high. When the total prize fund was about to hit CA$100million there were queues at lotto vendors all over the country.

Lotto Max’s jackpot hasn’t been below CA$30million for months now, which is why it remains one of the most sought after prizes in world lotteries.

In other Canadian lottery news, last weekends Lotto 6/49 rollover of CA$11.4million was won by a single ticket holder, meaning that the latest jackpot is CA$4million.

Published: August 10, 2010

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