Ontario Lottery planning online casino

Ontario Lottery planning online casinoOntario Lottery planning online casino

TORONTO, ON. – The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has announced that people in the state will have access to online gaming provided by the state by 2012. This promise from the OLG is seen as a measure to make sure that money spent on online gambling in the province remains in Ontario rather than going to gambling companies that are bases outside Canada.

The Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan announced that Ontario would be following British Columbia in launching a state run online gambling service. It is thought that an OLG run online casino will generate millions of dollars for the local economy. Duncan added that one of the main reasons to launch an online service, which could end up selling online lottery tickets, providing an online poker client and casino games, is to ensure that OLG continues to be a good source of revenue for the state coffers.

It is estimated that the people of Ontario spend about CA$400million on online gaming every year, with most of the money going to offshore gambling companies. The addition of an OLG run online gambling website would mean that an extra CA$100million of revenue would be brought in by the site during its fifth year.

The chairman of the OLG, Paul Godfrey said, “Across Canada and around the world, online commerce is part of our everyday lives and OLG is excited to start the consultation process for online gaming and growing its marketplace in the future.”

If the recent launch of British Columbia Lottery Commission’s own online gambling site is anything to go by, there will be some teething problems for OLG before the site is fully functional. The BCLC site had to be shut down only days after launch after it was revealed that players could access other peoples personal details through the site.

The OLG will spend 18 months consulting before beginning online gambling, to review the experiences and security procedures elsewhere.

source: The Ottawa Citizen

Published: August 11, 2010

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