Birmingham couple win £2.6m Lotto prize on their anniversary

BIRMINGHAM, U.K. – A week after their 40th wedding anniversary a Birmingham couple shared another very special day as they received a £2.6 million National Lottery prize.

Philip and Sandra Sawyer, who plan to split their prize with their two grown up daughters, said that they would like to buy a new home and a BMW with the winnings.

Mr. Sawyer, who waited for an hour to wake his wife up after he found out they’d won said, “I habitually get up at 7am and I made a cup of tea and then checked the lottery results. I thought I’d won £10 and then I realised that all six numbers were there – it was a very good feeling.” He added that he decided to read a book while waiting to wake up his wife at 8 a.m.

The exact total of their win is £2,606,914

Published: September 14, 2010

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