$135 million lottery prize still unclaimed; store where it was sold gets $675k

SACRAMENTO, CA – It was a big pay day yesterday for the store in San Luis Obispo that sold the still anonymous winner of the $135 million lottery jackpot his ticket over a month ago.

The owner of Bottle Liquor and Deli in Morro Bay yesterday got a check for $675,000 (or one and a half percent of the value of the winning ticket) for being lucky enough to create a huge lottery winner.

Chuck Harper, the store owner, said that the number of people coming to his store to purchase lottery tickets has more than doubled since he sold a multi million dollar winning ticket last month. People are looking to gain some of the luck of the winner by following in his footsteps.

Rumors as to the identity of the winner have been going around the town for a while now as local resident John Davis hasn’t been seen recently and most people are convinced he has the ticket. The father of Mr. Davis’ girlfriend told local press that John Davis has left the town and still has the ticket. Local’s believe he has gone to Hawaii with his girlfriend.

The likely winners girlfriend’s father said Davis is taking this extra time to decide what to do with the money. He said he didn’t know how long it would take for him to claim the prize.

Most lottery winners have usually claimed their prizes by now; it’s been more than three weeks, but lottery officials say not to worry.

“I wouldn’t think anything is unusual when we’re talking about $135 million,” said Cameron Kay, the regional representative for the California State Lottery.

source: ksby.com

Published: September 22, 2010

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