Vancouver man wins CA$6.5m Lotto 6/49 jackpot

VANCOUVER, B.C. – A man from Maple Ridge, just outside Vancouver has claimed his Lotto 6/49 jackpot prize and was delighted to win the lottery, especially as he has been struggling financially recently.

Richard Batitis, 47, was laid off from his job of 15 years and in a statement from the BC Lottery he said, “I’ve been living with my wife and four kids in my in-law’s basement. We’ve been struggling to get by, so it’s nice not to have to worry any more. Now I can give them their dream home with a swimming pool for the kids.”

He also revealed that he played his late father’s lucky numbers on his winning lotto ticket and said that he felt that his dad had “sent me his blessing” after passing away in 1997.

Trevor Miller, a spokesperson fro BC Lottery described the moment when a tearful Batitis came to claim his prize at the lottery office as “beautiful” adding that, “”In the purest sense, it’s one of those rags-to-riches stories. Everybody’s asking him what he’s going to buy, and I think, to him, the opportunities that this is going to present him are overwhelming.”

The winning numbers drawn on Wednesday September 15th for Mr. Batitis were 6, 11, 21, 26, 34 and 41. The bonus ball was number 24.

source: The Vancouver Sun

Published: September 30, 2010

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