Swedish Lottery aims to curb scratch card sales to minors

STOCKHOLM, SWE – Svenska Spel, the Swedish national lottery operator has announced that, from today, no people under the age of 18 will be able to purchase lottery scratch cards from any of their vendors.

The age limit only used to only apply to those persons buying lottery tickets and scratch cards, but not to people selling tickets on Svenska Spel’s behalf, which children do in Sweden to raise money for sports clubs they are members of. However, as of today, children will no longer be allowed to sell tickets, as Svenska Spel are worried it would be too easy for them to sell their tickets to minors.

Johan Tisell, a spokesperson for Svenska Spel said “We think the lottery should be for adults. Research shows that the earlier one starts playing the lottery, the greater the risk for problems later in life.”

As a result of this decision, sports clubs are currently looking for other sources of fundraising for their organisations. Ove Lansén, an official at Enskede Sports Club told The Local that it is “a setback for us” as they raise around 400,000 SEK per year from lottery ticket sales, accounting for roughly six per cent of their income.

source: The Local.se

Published: October 1, 2010

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