Retired school teacher wins $250k Missouri Lottery scratch card prize

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – A woman from Joplin, Missouri became the 25th lottery player to win the top prize of a quarter million dollars from the Missouri Lottery’s “$250,000 Mega Cash” instant game.

According to a press release from the Lottery; Beverly Schaffer went to purchase some Pick 3 tickets on September 30th and decided to buy one of the $10 scratch cards along with the draw game tickets.

She scratched the ticket in her car just outside the store she bought it in and saw that she was a $10 winner, so as she’d only won her money back she went to buy another in hope of a bigger prize.

The next “$250,000 Mega Cash” ticket she bought was the big winner and as she scratched it she kept revealing winning prize amounts. “I scratched the first one off and it said $10,000. Then I started shaking, and I thought, ‘I’m going to go home and finish scratching these off.'” Schaffer said in the news release.

Once she had got home and scratched all of the ticket, the full prize amount was revealed to her and she’d won the jackpot. Her son, Gregg, suggested that they travel immediately to their local lottery office to claim the prize.

Having never won a prize of more than $100, Schaffer said that her and the family are still “in shock”.

The recently retired school teacher said that the money will be useful to keep her retirement fund healthy but will also be excellent to take care of things that she needed to do around her house, including putting a new roof.

source: News Leader

Published: October 6, 2010

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