Scottish pensioner becomes 2,500th UK Lotto millionaire

BO’NESS, SCOTLAND – A retired dinner lady from central Scotland became the 2,500th millionaire created by the National Lottery after she scooped a share of Wednesday’s Lotto jackpot which gave her a windfall of £1.15 million.

Annette Brown, 77 will celebrate her win in Edinburgh before going to a special lottery event in London, in which she will be joined by fellow lottery millionaires and various celebrities.

Ms. Brown, who had until now been surviving on her £114 per week state pension said that she was in such shock when she found out about her win that she had to be driven home by the shop assistant at her local newsagent, where she had the ticket checked.

Annette said that she plans to use her new wealth to treat her and her family to a holiday in Canada where they will visit family. She commented that she had visited her relatives in Canada ten times but was wondering if it would be possible ever again as it was getting too expensive.

She also said that she won’t be moving from her home of 38 years as she loves the area, has many happy memories from the house and has just started re-decorating. She added that although the money was nice to have and gave her peace of mind, her life would not change dramatically as she would still volunteer at a local club for the blind and babysitting for various people.

source: Scottish Daily Record

Published: October 18, 2010

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