Record NZ$28.7 million Lotto prize claimed

WELLINGTON, NZ – New Zealand lotteries have confirmed that the winner of Saturday’s record Powerball jackpot has claimed the prize, but the identity of the winner remains a mystery as of yet.

Lotteries spokesperson Karen Jones said that the winner had given them enough information in a phonecall to make them sure that they were definitely the true jackpot winner. “We can’t reveal any details, not even if it’s an individual or where they are in the country. But they sounded really, really shocked,” she said.

The winner of the jackpot purchased the ticket in the town of Papakura, North Island.

Jones said because it was a record jackpot won by a single player that staff had been out and bought a special bottle of Moet champagne to open when the winner officially receives their prize.

“That’s waiting in the fridge. And the cash, all of it, is sitting ready in one account,” she said.

Powerball rolled over for 16 consecutive weeks to reach the $28.7m prize, just the second time had ever done so.

Last year a $36 million Big Wednesday win was split between a syndicate of a family of four from Masterton. That is the biggest total jackpot ever won in New Zealand.

Published: October 18, 2010

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