Missouri mother claims $50k scratch card jackpot

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – A 45 year old mother of three from Florissant, Missouri has claimed a $50,000 Missouri Lottery scratch-off jackpot prize that she won from a “Crossword” ticket recently.

Jennifer Vance purchased the scratch card at a local gas station. In the “Crossword” ticket, players scratch the ticket to uncover letters on a crossword style board; the more words that the letters uncovered create determines the total prize that a player can win.

The game was launched at the end of August this year and still has over $9.5 million worth of prizes to be won, including 9 of the 14 $50,000 jackpot prizes that were available at the time of launch. A Crossword scratch ticket is priced at $3.

Ms. Vance told the Missouri Lottery that she would use the money to help her buy a new home for her and her three daughters.

Published: October 19, 2010

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