U.K National Lottery to change payout rules in December

LONDON, U.K – Camelot, the UK National Lottery provider and operator has announced that it will be toughening its payout rules, meaning that players who purchase tickets from abroad and win prizes will not receive any winnings.

A ban on purchasing tickets on the National Lottery website from outside the borders of the United Kingdom will be implemented on 13th December this year.

The reason for the complete ban is that Camelot does not want to infringe any local gambling laws in countries that tickets are purchased in that may differ from those in the U.K.

A statement from Camelot stated clearly that, “The general rule of thumb is that if any overseas country has its own lottery, playing the UK one will be illegal.The change is to make it absolutely clear to players they must be in the UK or the Isle of Man”.

None of the UK National Lottery games are promoted or advertised outside the shores of the United Kingdom but many ex-pats living in other parts of the world like to play the lottery from their own country.

It was also made clear that tickets purchased inside the borders of the United Kingdom by someone residing outside the country is perfectly legal.

Published: October 25, 2010

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