Co-workers claim $35 million Hoosier Lottery jackpot

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – A group of fifteen co-workers from Amtrak (the United States train operator) have claimed a Hoosier Lotto jackpot of $34.5 million after they matched all the numbers drawn on October 30th.

The huge jackpot is the third largest in Hoosier Lotto history and the fifteen man syndicate were presented with a check at Hoosier Lottery headquarters yesterday evening.

According to a news release from the lottery, the all male syndicate aged from 32 to 60 all contribute $4 per week to buy lottery tickets and that the winning ticket was purchased at Circle K at 106th and College Avenue.

Steve Cupp acted as spokesperson for the syndicate and turned up in a stretch limousine and told the press, “I always said if we win, you’ll know it because I’ll show up in a limo.”

None of the other winners have had their names published but it is known that none of them plan to retire and that as a group they took a lump sum cash option, meaning that in total they receive $16.9 million ($1.1 million each before state and federal taxes), which is a lot of money but a vast reduction of the total jackpot amount.

Published: November 2, 2010

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