NZ$5.4 million Powerball winner keeps working in trucking job

AUCKLAND, NZ – According to NZ Lotteries Chief Executive Todd McLeay, a truck driver from South Auckland has said that he will keep on working despite winning a Powerball jackpot of $5.4 million at the weekend.

The winning player is yet to be identified but it was confirmed that he correctly selected the six numbers drawn plus the winning Lotto Bonus ball and the winning Powerball number, which meant that along with the $5 million jackpot he won numerous lower division prizes to boost his win by nearly $400,000.

The winner has said that he may reduce his working hours per week, but doesn’t have any plans to give up completely. “I won’t be getting carried away. My first priority is to get myself a house, and then look at helping out my kids and grandkids. Of course, it’s a good time of year to be winning; there will be some very nice Christmas presents this year!” the winner said in a news release.

The win comes just two weeks after another South Auckland man won the biggest Lotto Powerball prize in NZ Lotteries’ history, a massive $28.7 million.

The winning ticket purchased is called a Combo 8, which means that players can pick 8 numbers and receive a ticket entered for all 28 possible 6-number combinations of those numbers, with a Powerball number on each line as well. Because this man had all six winning numbers, plus the Bonus Ball and the Powerball, he won 1 x First Division, 6 x Second Division, 6 x Division 3 and 15 x Division 4, all for both Lotto and Powerball.


Published: November 4, 2010

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