Texas Lottery say possible winner of $16million jackpot has inquired about claiming prize

AUSTIN, TX – Officials at the Texas State Lottery have released details of a phonecall they received from someone who believes they may be the holder of the winning Texas Lotto ticket worth $16 million, which was sold at a lottery retailer in Brownsville last Saturday.

Leticia Vasquez, a spokesperson for the Texas Lottery said, “We have received an initial inquiry on this ticket. The player is going to seek legal advice then get back in touch with us.”

The call that was made was apparently from a man wanting to know about the rules on how long winners have to claim any prize money.

The individual who bought the ticket selected the lump sum cash option which reduces the prize amount to just over $10.9 million. However, this does not include another $2.5 million that will be taken out for federal taxes.

The store that sold the winning ticket will get a lottery bonus of about $160,000.

The winning numbers are 8,34,37,44,46 and 54.

source: Brownsville Herald

Published: November 4, 2010

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