Texas Lottery mistakenly tell man he won Dallas Cowboys season tickets

DALLAS, TX – David Delamar recently sent in a losing Dallas Cowboys scratch card into the Texas Lottery for a “second-chance draw” in which he could possibly win a pair of season tickets to see his NFL heroes in action from a great seat in Cowboys Stadium.

Mr. Delamar was delighted to find a letter in the post from the Texas Lotto Commission that told him he had won to sit with Cowboys coach Jerry Jones in the war room on draft day in 2011. Not only that the letter also said that he had won a pair of lower level season tickets on the 30-yard line.

Unfortunately for the “winner”, the Lotto Commission had got it wrong. Delamar had won the opportunity to sit with Jones in the war room, but a cut and paste error in the letter meant that they had mistakenly added the part about the season ticket win.

“They called and told me that ‘Look, we messed up,'” Delamar told WFAA.com “There’s been a mistake in the letter that they cut-and-pasted it, and did it so quick that they messed up on the letter and I did not win the season tickets.”

Bobby Heith, a spokesperson for the Texas Lottery, said apologetically that “”I hope [Delamar] understands that people do make mistakes, and we stepped up to the plate when we made ours. We do pride ourselves on the integrity and security of our games and what we do here.”

As a Dallas Cowboys fan, Delamar said that he was pleased to have to opportunity to meet Jerry Jones, but was disappointed to have missed out on the season tickets.

Published: November 17, 2010

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