Retiree wins $6.3m Washington Lotto

RENTON, WA – W.B Washington, from Renton has won $6.3 million from the Washington Lotto after hitting the jackpot in the draw made last weekend.

Mr. Washington told Washington Lottery officials that he would continue to live the modest lifestyle he is used to, but will buy himself a house and help out some friends who helped him out in the past by taking him in and letting him live with them rent free.

Mr. Washington was unaware of his huge win until a friend asked him “Did you know some lucky dog won the lottery?” This made him check his ticket, on the off chance that he could be that lucky dog.

The store where he bought the ticket will receive a lottery bonus of $63,000 (one per cent of the jackpot amount). On hearing this news, Washington said ‘Oh my God, those people are blessed!’

In telling his story to lottery officials, he said, laughing, “I went from the outhouse to the penthouse! I was in the penthouse and didn’t even know it for three or four days.”

Mr. Washington is looking forward to becoming a homeowner again and will help his mother fix up her house, or buy her a new one. “Whichever she wants” said the lucky winner

Published: November 25, 2010

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