Scratch Card bus created to celebrate NZ Lotteries new improved instant games

WELLINGTON, NZ – To celebrate the new, improved Instant Kiwi Tickets, NZ Lotteries commisioned Mango (a PR Agency) to come up with a suitably extravagant way to show off their new products.

The latest NZ Lotteries scratch cards will have much better prizes and their will be many more tickets to choose from in store.

Mango created a very large bus completely wrapped in print and $1 scratch cards! The Instant Kiwi Scratchy Bus Road Trip gives Kiwis the chance to change their day in an instant by literally scratching off one of the 10,000 scratch cards covering the bus.

All the tickets on the bus are winners, meaning that people who are lucky enough to have the chance to scratch the bus will win a cash prize up to NZ$10,000 or another Instant Kiwi ticket.

The bus is touring New Zealand over 14 days and is claimed to be a world first experiential concept.

The printing and laminating of the special tickets took three days, as did the wrapping of the bus as it had to be done twice. The first wrap essentially covered the bus in the logo’s, colour and prizes, the second wrap was to cover all of those prizes up with a scratchable material.

Mango used Omnigraphics to wrap the vehicle, as they have 14 years of experience in doing these kinds of projects.

Dave McCarthy, Business Development Manager at Omnigraphics said, “I’ve been with Omnigraphics for 3 months now and it seems like every day we are involved in the most diverse and creative projects imaginable, but just when you think it can’t get much more extreme, along comes a bloody great bus with 10,000 scratch cards on it. It’s a good reflection of the creativity that is coming out of the agencies at the moment, and it is extremely rewarding to be a part of turning those concepts in to a reality”.

Published: November 29, 2010

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