Georgetown woman wins $1million ‘by mistake’

GEORGETOWN, KY – Pamela Ivey, 42, from Georgetown is thanking her lucky stars that the cashier she bought her winning Mega Millions ticket from mistakenly added the Megaplier feature as she is now $1 million richer. If she hadn’t spent the extra $5, her prize would be just $250,000.

When she purchased the ticket, Mrs Ivey expected it to cost just $5 but when the store clerk asked for $10 it was because the Megaplier (which multiplies any winnings by a specific number drawn by Mega Millions) had been added.

Ivey told lottery officials, “I glanced at her name tag and it said Susan and I thought, ‘Oh Susan, don’t do that to me.'”Although she hadn’t asked for the prize multiplier feature, she took the $10 ticket anyway.

The draw that Mrs Ivey won her prize from was made on January 4th and there were two jackpot winners who split the $380 million prize. The winner from Washington State has already claimed their prize but a jackpot winning ticket sold in Idaho has yet to be claimed.

Pamela Ivey said that the win was timed perfectly as she has a son who is just about to graduate from high school and the family will be able to put him through college without any financial strain.

The Ivey’s also said that they would pay off existing debts and give some money to their church.

The total prize that Pamela Ivey walked away from Kentucky Lottery HQ with was $690,000 after state and federal taxes were taken from the million dollars.

Published: January 11, 2011

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