Nevada Youth Legislature propose state lottery but face uphill battle

LAS VEGAS, NV – The Nevada Youth Legislature, made up of 21 high school aged budding politicians, is pushing for a state lottery in Nevada that would help to fund public schools across the whole state.

The Legislature is sponsoring a Senate Joint Resolution, which will be the first one introduced in the Senate that gets under way on February 7th.

Any state lottery proposal would face an uphill in Nevada as State Governor Brian Sandoval opposes a lottery and the gaming industry in the state would be sure to lobby heavily against any form of lottery.

State Sen. David Parks, is chairman of the Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections that will introduce the resolution. He also noted that the casino industry has opposed a lottery in the past. But he said he will give a hearing to Senate Joint Resolution 1 and see where it goes.

He said it takes five years to amend the constitution. The resolution must be approved by two sessions of the Legislature and then ratified by voters.

Sandoval has said a lottery probably won’t raise the money anticpated by supporters for public schools, and he opposes government competing with private industry.

The plan by the youth Legislature would allow a lottery to be operated by or on behalf of the state with the proceeds going to K-12 education.

The resolution would require the Legislature to set up a committee to oversee the lottery and how the money is distributed. The Youth Legislature is allowed to introduce at least one bill.

source: Las Vegas Sun

Published: January 12, 2011

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